MBA Application process

HBS encourage you to fulfill the following steps before you begin your written application:

- Tell them who you are by completing the form on the Get Started page. This allows them to send you additional information relevant to your interests, including invitations to MBA Admissions events in your area.
- Read the website carefully before beginning your application.
- College students, international applicants, joint degree candidates and re-applicants should read the specific information provided for them on their respective Web pages.
- Review the Application Dates page to select an application period most appropriate for you. Note that you may submit an application no more than once per year.
- Organize your application materials; including transcripts, test scores, resume and recommender contact information.

Application Steps:
Application process for the Class of 2015 has three distinct steps:

- Introduce Yourself: The Written Application
- Learn more about the each component of the written application.
- The Interview
- Interviews are by invitation only.
- Have the Last Word: The Post-Interview Reflection, a new addition   to application process.

Online Learning at Harvard

I have found more information about online learning at HBS, it becomes more and more popular, I think this is the future of education!

Cost Summary - MBA

To help you understand the costs associated with your education, the MBA student budget for the class entering in 2012 for Terms I and II is outlined below. While living expenses vary from student to student, the Financial Aid and Fellowship Board uses the standard student budget in determining financial aid awards. This budget assumes a moderate student lifestyle. While the standard budget does not include the cost of a personal computer required for the MBA Program, you may finance your computer purchase with a loan.

MBA Class of 2014 Student Budget:

Distance Education: Online Courses at Harvard

Distance education by video and web conference:
Study from anywhere in the world. Harvard offer more than 200 online classes, available in two formats, in fall and spring semesters.

Video courses:
Most of our distance education courses feature videos of faculty lecturing on campus. You watch each week’s online lecture at your convenience, submitting assignments as scheduled. In some cases, classes meeting on campus are broadcast live; check course syllabi or websites to see if you can watch videos live during class meeting times and to learn if live participation is required.

Live web-conference courses:
These courses are conducted live at a scheduled time each week. Instead of watching videos, you log in to a virtual classroom to participate.

Harvard faculty and rigorous academics:
Most of our distance education classes are taught by Harvard faculty and affiliates. In fact, more than 40 courses are videos of Harvard College lectures. Other courses are taught by faculty from nearby universities and by industry practitioners.
Popular subjects include management, computer science, environmental management, English, and government. Courses are offered at one or more credit levels (undergraduate or graduate credit, or noncredit).

Why Business School Is Worth It

I have found very interesting article from forbes. 

The main question is:  Why Business School Is Worth It?

Of course it is about harvard :)

Where Will We Find Tomorrow's Leaders?

Very interesting video!

Harvard Honors

The top academic honor at HBS is the Baker Scholar designation (High Distinction), given to the top 5% of the graduating MBA class. In a typical year a Baker Scholar will have achieved "1s" in approximately 70–75% of his or her course credits. Students receiving honors (top 20%) in both their first and second years are awarded the MBA degree with Distinction.
The student who receives the highest grades in each year of the program is awarded the Henry Ford II scholarship and is known as the Ford Scholar. Typically the student who attains this honor achieves the highest available grade in each of the eleven MBA classes during the first year of the program. Other academic distinctions include the Thomas M. and Edna E. Wolfe Award, given to recognize scholastic excellence (generally to the student with the highest grade in the class) and the Loeb prize given for the most outstanding performance in finance. This text was found on wikipedia.
Until 2005, HBS also awarded the Siebel Scholarship to each of the top five students in the first year of the program. However for reasons that were not publicised this was recently withdrawn.

Bill Gates Harvard speech.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

Academic units

I found on wikipedia all academic units of HBS : Accounting and Management; Business, Government and the International Economy; Entrepreneurial Management; Finance; General Management; Marketing; Negotiation, Organizations & Markets; Organizational Behavior; Strategy; and Technology and Operations Management.

Donor programs

In 2010, the Tata Group gave HBS its biggest ever international donation of $50 million. A new academic and residential building will be built and called Tata Hall.

HBS: Inside the Case Method

Part 1
Part 2

I would love to be there one day :)

Doctoral programs

The mission of HBS's Doctoral Programs is to develop outstanding scholars for careers in research and teaching at leading business schools and universities. To ensure a solid foundation in management, all students (without an MBA degree) are required to take at least five courses in the MBA curriculum. A deep knowledge of management practice—not only in general, but also specific to a student's area of specialization—is a critical component of business doctoral education. These courses provide a valuable source of research topics and institutional knowledge that will be important for future research and teaching success in business schools. At the same time, a broad knowledge of business ensures that students fully appreciate the interdependencies and complexity of management problems and may introduce them to the possibility of interdisciplinary research.
All students are admitted for full-time degree programs, beginning in September. Students, however, may begin the program in July, conducting research with an HBS faculty member. A minimum of two years in residence is required, and it is expected that students will complete their program in four to five years. Students typically spend two to two-and-a-half years on course work, and another two years on their dissertation. This is wikipedia info!

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Aileen Lee

President of her section at HBS, Aileen Lee joined KPCB in 1999, wherever she works with a team of venture capitalists investment in energy and environmental technologies. information is from Lee worked antecedently as a analyst at Morgan Stanley and in business strategy and development at Gap, Inc. At KPCB, she has brought in inexperienced deals with a variety of firms like Lilliputian Systems, an organization manufacturing microfuel cells, and Miasolé, that focuses on skinny star panels. a robust supporter of technical careers for youngsters, Lee was named a Henry Crown Fellow by the poplar Institute, that aims to develop a replacement generation of civic leaders.

Harvard Business School is an ideal setting for learning:

A diverse community knit along by its physical surroundings additionally as by its commitment to the very best standards of excellence, integrity, free expression, and inquiry.
With xxxiii buildings on forty acres close in a very bend of the river, this spirited community's each side has been designed to assist students develop skills and build relationships that may last a time period.
This text is from
Founded in 1908, HBS was originally placed in Harvard Yard. the current field, with its stately Georgian buildings following the light curve on the capital of Massachusetts facet of the river, was dedicated in Gregorian calendar month of 1927. The firm of Frederick Law landscape architect, designers of recent York's commons and Boston's "Emerald Necklace" compilaton of parks, designed the landscaping.

Common myths about Harvard

- Harvard is only for geniuses
- I can’t afford Harvard.
Harvard is full of “intellectual snobs.”
Harvard isn’t interested in athletes or athletics.
A Harvard education is an impersonal one, with large classes taught by graduate students.
The pressure at Harvard must be terrific.

Here are some numbers

Student Population: 27,651
Undergraduate Population: 10,257
Student to Faculty Ratio: 7:1
Total Annual Cost: $53,950
In-State Tuition: $38,415
Out-of-State Tuition: $38,415
Percent on Financial Aid: 81.0%
Percent Admitted: 7.0%
SAT Composite Range: 1390-1590


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Student Life

From the very beginning, Harvard College has sought to establish a connection between living and learning. Originally patterned after the Colleges at Oxford and Cambridge, the House system reflects the founders' goals of a true residential college, a "collegiate way of living." Across all four centuries of Harvard's history, learning together has meant living together. A special residential plan for freshmen followed by three years in the comprehensive House system for upperclassmen provides students more than simply a place to live. Harvard guarantees every student College housing for four years. By design, residential life that brings together students and faculty is an essential part of the Harvard experience. Nearly all students choose to live on campus for their full undergraduate careers.
Harvard’s extracurricular and co-curricular opportunities are virtually unlimited—including more than 400 official student organizations, whose number and nature are always evolving. The College provides considerable support to student organizations and other activities, and both novices and accomplished practitioners find opportunities to participate and explore. Indeed for many students extra-curricular activities provide an important part of their Harvard education, as well as ways to contribute to the rich community life of the College. The future careers of many students are influenced by their non-academic commitments, in journalism and literature, music and the arts, public service, religious life and business, to name just a few.

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About Harvard

Harvard University is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and to developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally. Harvard faculty are engaged with teaching and research to push the boundaries of human knowledge. For students who are excited to investigate the biggest issues of the 21st century, Harvard offers an unparalleled student experience and a generous financial aid program, with over $160 million awarded to more than 60% of our undergraduate students. The University has twelve degree-granting Schools in addition to the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, offering a truly global education.
Established in 1636, Harvard is the oldest institution of higher education in the United States. The University, which is based in Cambridge and Boston, Massachusetts, has an enrollment of over 20,000 degree candidates, including undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. Harvard has more than 360,000 alumni around the world.

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Harvard's undergraduate program is ranked first among "National Universities" by U.S. News & World Report and sixth by Forbes. The university is ranked sixth nationally by The Washington Monthly.



Alright, here we start! This is my brand new blog about Harvard Business School and I will do my best to update news everyday!