Online Learning at Harvard

I have found more information about online learning at HBS, it becomes more and more popular, I think this is the future of education!

Cost Summary - MBA

To help you understand the costs associated with your education, the MBA student budget for the class entering in 2012 for Terms I and II is outlined below. While living expenses vary from student to student, the Financial Aid and Fellowship Board uses the standard student budget in determining financial aid awards. This budget assumes a moderate student lifestyle. While the standard budget does not include the cost of a personal computer required for the MBA Program, you may finance your computer purchase with a loan.

MBA Class of 2014 Student Budget:

Distance Education: Online Courses at Harvard

Distance education by video and web conference:
Study from anywhere in the world. Harvard offer more than 200 online classes, available in two formats, in fall and spring semesters.

Video courses:
Most of our distance education courses feature videos of faculty lecturing on campus. You watch each week’s online lecture at your convenience, submitting assignments as scheduled. In some cases, classes meeting on campus are broadcast live; check course syllabi or websites to see if you can watch videos live during class meeting times and to learn if live participation is required.

Live web-conference courses:
These courses are conducted live at a scheduled time each week. Instead of watching videos, you log in to a virtual classroom to participate.

Harvard faculty and rigorous academics:
Most of our distance education classes are taught by Harvard faculty and affiliates. In fact, more than 40 courses are videos of Harvard College lectures. Other courses are taught by faculty from nearby universities and by industry practitioners.
Popular subjects include management, computer science, environmental management, English, and government. Courses are offered at one or more credit levels (undergraduate or graduate credit, or noncredit).

Why Business School Is Worth It

I have found very interesting article from forbes. 

The main question is:  Why Business School Is Worth It?

Of course it is about harvard :)