Harvard Honors

The top academic honor at HBS is the Baker Scholar designation (High Distinction), given to the top 5% of the graduating MBA class. In a typical year a Baker Scholar will have achieved "1s" in approximately 70–75% of his or her course credits. Students receiving honors (top 20%) in both their first and second years are awarded the MBA degree with Distinction.
The student who receives the highest grades in each year of the program is awarded the Henry Ford II scholarship and is known as the Ford Scholar. Typically the student who attains this honor achieves the highest available grade in each of the eleven MBA classes during the first year of the program. Other academic distinctions include the Thomas M. and Edna E. Wolfe Award, given to recognize scholastic excellence (generally to the student with the highest grade in the class) and the Loeb prize given for the most outstanding performance in finance. This text was found on wikipedia.
Until 2005, HBS also awarded the Siebel Scholarship to each of the top five students in the first year of the program. However for reasons that were not publicised this was recently withdrawn.

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  1. Wow! These people are really smart!! The top students of the top school!

  2. These people are surely the "1%" of not only American but also entire world's society. On the other hand - honestly speaking, the majority of students there are not only 'gifted' but also have wealthy parents willing to help their children. Still: congratulations to them : )

  3. These guys WORKED for it, they deserve it!