Learning community HBS

HBS is only one from the numerous number of University in States with a residental campus near the school that creates the communities around the biggest cities.

This atmosphere offers students numberless opportunities for interaction with each other and with college on the far side the schoolroom, quick access to a spread of on-campus activities and resources, socialising, and building lasting relationships. Community members square measure drawn along by a commitment to a collection of core values, together with integrity, honesty, respect for others, personal responsibility, and dedication to excellence – qualities that play a key role in developing the cooperation and sound judgement that square measure central to our academic mission.

At its core, HBS student life is constructed around associate intense section expertise that is refreshed with School-wide club events, student associations, guest speakers, seminars, video conferences, regular conferences and more. In fact, several of our student profiles share a standard theme: however MBAs have found not solely a community of support, however a closely knit network of friendships that last a time period. Everything on the HBS campus—from our multimedia system school rooms to our gourmet-quality feeding facilities—is designed to encourage community collaboration for a richer learning expertise.

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